Plano Senior High sponsors a yearly tournament to commemorate retired PSHS wrestling coach Taylor Webb's contribution to the sport of wrestling.  We NEED volunteers to make Taylor Webb a success.  Taylor Webb will be held on Saturday Dec 15, 2012.  This tournament is also one of the Plano Senior High Wrestling Booster club's biggest fundraising events, where funds are raised to replace equipment, provide for travel expenses for our players and coaches and replace some of the mats.

Plano Wrestling Booster Club will need your assistance, and there are many ways to contribute to this event.  You can donate your TIME, donate food and/or donate money.  Any help you can give will help advance the wrestling program.

INSTRUCTIONS:  We have divided the tournament needs into several tracks.  Select the track you want to help in (you can choose more than one) and click on the link below and follow the on-screen prompts to sign up.  Be sure to include you email so it can automatically notify you. 

CONCESSIONS: TBD, Team Lead.   We will need 2 adults per shift for 2 hours each on Saturday Dec 15th.  21 NHS volunteers will be available to take on the shifts and handle the sales.  You can also choose to instead provide food for the event that will be sold for fundraising. 

Concession Sign Up

TSHIRT SALES: TBD, Team Lead.  Teri is handling the spirit wear orders for us and will coordinate the t-shirt sales on the day of the event.

T-shirt and Ticket/Program Sales Sign up

HOSPITALITY SUITE/LOGISTICS: Stephanie Velasquez.  Stephanie will need help with homemade food and/or donations and will put together a list of items needed on that day.  She will also need people to take shifts so the suite is hosted throughout the day.  Several kitchen items and power needs will be needed for the hospitality room. Extension cords, crock pots, food warmers, server utensils, etc.  If you choose to loan your items, please be sure to label them.

Hospitality Suite Sign Up

THANK YOU for volunteering.  Let us work together to make Plano Wrestling a top notch program. 


Plano Wrestling Booster Club